Equilibrium Dance Academy strives to offer our students the best dance education that promotes personal growth. We focus on the needs of our students and direct students to understand and appreciate dance. Through creative activity and  artistic expression we provide our students with a challenging and fun dance education. Our studio will give students the opportunity to develop physically, artistically and emotionally.  All of our instructors have degrees in dance, in a college dance program or have professional experience in the dance industry. With our staff's expertise our students are ensured to have success with all dance activities. 

Classes begin September 19th, 2016!!! Stop in any of these days and times to register your dancer!!! If you pay the full years tuition receive a 10% discount. If you stop in on or before September 12th registration will only be $10 per student!!!

Registration dates and times:

September 2nd -- 2 PM to 8 PM

September 3rd -- 10 AM to 4 PM

September 7th, 8th and 9th --4 PM to 8 PM

September 10th –10 AM to 12 PM

September 11th OPEN HOUSE!! 12 PM to 4 PM

September 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th –4 PM to 8 PM

September 17th –9 AM to 11 AM



We accept cash, check or debit and credit cards.